Its been a while since I wrote a TNA/IMPACT WRESTLING blog entry, actually its been exactly 5 months since I wrote one and I figured since I had some motivation recently which is the way I write, I have to feel it to write something good. I’ve had requests to write for wrestling sites, but I turn them down because they want a weekly article or something and I just don’t feel that putting out regular articles week in and week out will keep interest because I don’t feel it, its got to be at a point where I can put feeling into what I write, which is why now is the time I post this new entry. I will likely have a TNA/IMPACT WRESTLING only blog entry soon since I do have some things to say about the new management/rebooted IMPACT WRESTLING debuted last Thursday, but for now I decided to write this article about the uncanny similarities between Trump and TNA/IMPACT WRESTLING.

Lately, (really for the past month or more) I’ve been seeing a lot of Anti-Trump negativity floating along my feed on Twitter, I know what I’m going to say is going to ruffle feathers between my twitter friends/followers and even some of my closer twitter friends, but I’m prepared to speak what is on my mind without fear of repercussion, because when it all comes down to it, its my choice what I see and have to tolerate on my feed. The last thing I want to do is mute/remove anyone I consider a friend, but the day in and day out garbage running down my feed about Trump is ridiculous, meme’s with flat out lies (case and point: People Magazine article in 1998, that never happened, but pass it along as FACT), people trying to destroy any amount of success that he can have as our (Yes OUR) 45th President of the United States.

Back in 2016 (and parts of 2015), Whether you like to admit it or not, the main stream media (MSM) HAS tried to make a joke of of his campaign and now of course his Presidency, between 2012-2015 I watched HLN and CNN. From the time that Trump announced his candidacy and then moving forward CNN became incredibly bias against him, I definitely noticed right off, because quite frankly I see bias online all the time in the IWC, when you see it day in and day out on websites and podcasts it becomes like a sixth sense, you don’t even have to look for it anymore because its all over it.

Robin Meade’s Morning Express is where I noticed it first before I flipped to CNN (as you know HLN is a subsidiary of CNN), they threw Trump under the bus every chance they got, but would NOT shed Clinton or Obama in a negative light whatsoever, Hillary is not squeaky clean, but they chose to ignore the fact that Bernie Sanders was blindsided by literally the who Democratic Party. The problem is Trump catered to people who want the economy to improve, to people who want jobs back in America and to people who want to keep our country safe. But he’s racist right? Because he doesn’t want ILLEGAL immigrants (that if you work for a living, you are paying for their free benefits despite them being here illegally) and terrorists (Watch This Video) flooding in mixed with refugees. But Trump is racist because he wants to prevent this? I’m racist because I voted for Trump and also want to avoid this? GTFOH… What has been told to leftists are lies because THEY have an agenda, they know they can run these stories for months because people think these news stories are told in an “un-bias fashion” but its not, the only network that had any news that was remotely unbias was Fox News and even they had a few run-ins with Trump, but Fox News accepted the facts and realized that more people support Trump than not (go back and look at the footage, those states that Trump won, screw the delegate votes, look at the counties of those states, overwhelmingly Red, and it was state after state after state). Fox is now on-board (more legitimately) and is exposing the fraud and bias-ness of the other networks that are still fueling the anti-Trump BS.

I’m aware this is beginning to be a long read so now I’m going to show you the similarities that you are wanting to know from the title of this blog post. TNA has had a hell of a lot of the same problems that Trump is experiencing with “News” coverage online.

Now to say what we see online involving these “news” sites and their attitude towards TNA/IMPACT is not that different from what we see the Major News companies doing to Trump, The only difference is in the scale. The wrestling news sites cater to hating on TNA because it gets TNA & WWE fans going at each others throats in the comments sections, I’ve seen it really bad on TNAWRESTLINGNEWS which is SUPPOSED to be solely a TNA related site, but its ran by Ryan Clark who also runs WWE related news sites, so what happened? All those fans from those sites flooded the TNAWRESTLINGNEWS site, then he literally baits TNA fans with news then the haters come in and trash TNA, then who wins? Ryan does, because each back and forth argument generates him revenue from the ad views of repeatedly going back to the pages to reply to comments.. This is where the bias-ness comes in, it got more to the point of making more money off of discussion (or arguments) rather than reporting un-opinionated straight news, the Big companies are the same way, if they can get you to believe Trump is racist, you will take it and run with it, come back and get more news, they ultimately do the same thing as these small sites, they are exaggerating the stories for profit and at the same time destroying any chance for reliable unbias news reporting. The only difference is the BIG companies are making more money off of it than these little TNA hating news sites could even dream of making.

So lets look at the facts..


TNA has been doing great in-ring work (and you know this) for years now, Recently had great story lines Broken Hardy’s, The Wolves split & feuding, Moose & Cody/Brandi all are notable stories. But do we see praise on that? No, sites report pay issues from months ago, Dixie/Corgan Drama, yadda yadda yadda… Because the good news doesn’t draw interest and revenue!


Companies are bringing jobs back to America, Ford, Chrysler & GM (which news/sites dismiss as being because of Trump, Right!?! They just decided to bring jobs back, your crazy if you would have thought they would have came back under Hillary or Bernie, they would have never been in discussion). Stock Market booming, the thing about the stock market is it reminds me of the Ground Hog that “predicts” an late winter, the thing is, the stock market is easily influenced by what is said, if you say something that scares businesses, it can have a drastic negative effects and could drop significantly, people say Trumps words of encouragement increased Wall Streets confidence and it reflected, I guarantee that is what happened, you can’t deny it, it was a shot in the arm that it needed, check the timing of the climb, its like a muff in heat (for lack of a better example), whisper in her ear and she’ll purr like a kitten, It got the market hot and bothered.. Ok, gross, back to the point. The media is looking for whats best for the media, how to make loads of money at all costs, even if it means sabotaging a President or Wrestling company.

I expect a lot of criticism for comparing the two, but IDGAF, But I’m hoping it will open some peoples eyes on how the media actually works rather than just believe them because they are there and claim to have the answers and truth, who is going to argue it right? Especially not anyone from that same company.. 😉

Oh, also, lose the Trump is Hitler bullshit, unless I am or you are in a concentration camp being euthanized, that is THE stupidest argument ever made and is also disrespectful to the millions of people WHO ACTUALLY lost their lives at the hands of Hilter, do not be disrespectful and make a joke out of that.

And I’m not proof reading this time, I’m tired and just want to get it out, I’ll be back on Twitter tomorrow to see how many people I have offended or

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