I thought I would give my first hand experience with what seems to be an amazing Website with incredible deals, but don’t be fooled by the great prices, because I’ve ordered multiple items from them and have been very disappointed.

First of all, most if not all their products are made in 3rd world countries so the quality of the product most generally is trash. I’ve bought the “3.5m Mini Android Endoscope” for the purpose of using it on our vehicles to look in hard to see areas, at $7.85 (current price while I’m typing this) seems like a hell of a deal right? And look at those reviews, 4.8 Stars out of 5, with 518 reviews, has to be good right?

Ok, the second thing I bought was a New Long Handle Controller Game System for Nintendo 64 N64 Joypad , $8.96!!! (At the time I write this) Another incredible deal!! YAY, Where else can you buy a replacement N64 controller for that cheap??? And once again, Great reviews, 5 out of 5 stars but only 4 reviews on this one..

Now that is just two items I bought, but it was clear (And by now I hope you detected my sarcasm) that the majority of their products are so piss poor quality, I wouldn’t want anyone wasting money (even tho the products are cheap) on the pieces of crap that they try to sell. I’m sure your looking at the website (if you are or will) and say, but they have such good reviews, Its nonsense, that n64 controller above, you do not see me review on their do you? The controllers joystick broke, literally loosened up and fell out of the damn thing, I contacted their customer support and you know what they said? They said, you must have been pressing too hard on it, It was only a couple weeks after I bought it that it broke, now let me say I’m 32 years old, I’m not hammering the controller like a kid, just playing normally, they tried to put blame on me, oh and that legitimate review that I wrote, never went live on their product page, WHY? Because they don’t put legitimate negative reviews. They offered a replacement at a discounted price, I told them why would I buy another just for it to break too. (what I ultimately done for a n64 controller was buy a replacement joystick from Ebay for one of my official Nintendo controllers and it still works to this day been over a year now.)

The Android Endoscope had problems too, It works fine on my laptop, but for having Android in the title of the item that it would have worked on my Android phone, well it DIDN’T, the app they have you download gives an error, tried on 2 different Android phones and didn’t work on either.

So don’t waste your time and energy buying anything from them. The reason I wrote this on my site is because obviously they wont allow negative feedback or reviews on their site. Basically censoring people WHO ACTUALLY BOUGHT STUFF FROM THEM.. I hope they come across this page and see me exposing them for what they are, crooks.


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