I’m sure a lot of loyal or die hard TNA fans are tired of seeing the same old tired “headlines” on the dirt sheets. It seems that any time “news” gets slow, they rehash old potentially wrong headlines from the past, I believe they do it as filler until something legitimate comes along to post about, and one particular headline that comes to mind is the whole “Locker Room Moral”, which I don’t believe is a problem, if it was, ask for your release and go somewhere else if you are not happy.

What I can’t figure is if this (TNA Pay) is true, how is it any of our business? I’m sorry, but if you are willing to talk publicly while under contract, you should be let go, there should be a confidentiality clause in the contract regarding disclosing pay and other private company information to the public. Again, if this is true, why would you talk about it? Talking about it to dumbass’s that are looking for every piece of garbage they can to make money from it (People like Meltzer).

Do they not know that if they want their situation to get better, its best not to even talk to the dirt sheets, because that just feeds the haters (typically brain dead WWE fans who want nothing but TNA’s demise) who troll the company, I even seen them go as far as tweeting POP & Destination America trashing TNA saying stuff like “Why are you going to air TNA? It will never bring in ratings” and other garbage, and this happened before their debut on the networks. These are the same fans dirt sheets aim for.

So if you are having problems with pay or management or are low on “Moral” why stick around? I figure people like Meltzer are paying for this dirt if its even legitimate dirt, or otherwise TNA needs to find out the moles spilling beans and the best way to do something about it is to have a confidentiality clause in my opinion, because only then would they have a certain extent of protection in their favor, someoneĀ  breaks the clause they can potentially face legal repercussions which would likely cost them more than what dirt sheets will pay for the news, therefor eliminating the potential for leaks of this information.

I think Dirt Sheets think they are immune because they think they are so important to the wrestling business that they can’t post what they want without fear from repercussion, however this is not true, contrary to popular (moron) belief, Dirt Sheets need WWE & TNA more than WWE & TNA needs them, Now the only companies that would benefit from these sites are the no name companies, the little independents who get results or plugs who have a really small almost non-existent presence, that is it.

TNA at this point has enough word of mouth recognition do to everyday people in the real world and now social media sites. So as far as Dirt-sheets goes, TNA doesn’t benefit a thing from them.

So TNA, Start putting confidentiality/gag clauses in your contracts regarding pay and personal information, you are not obligated to disclose this information to the public being a private company.

And in closing, I will always post the positive or legitimate news, I absolutely will not post anything passing it as “confirmed” from “Dick” Meltzer.

So you can pretty well expect a positive experience about TNA on my site.

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