Now before you chew my head off at the title of this blog entry, nobody is purchasing TNA, but more my reaction to something I read on another website which had ultimately closed the thread to further replies, but sometimes things need to be said and that is what I’m here to do right now. First off, I will post the question that someone asked last year and the answer that another user replied with..

First the question:

Hypothetical: Billionaire Mark Cuban Purchases TNA Wrestling tomorrow. Would he be capable of making TNA competitive with WWE? If so, what would be the moves that would make them competitive?

Ok, now that is not a bad question to ask, now its just a hypothetical scenario. But one persons answer hit me the wrong way, and its a shame that it was left with that answer, granted there were other replies but that one answer that stuck out to me, here is that answer:

Mark Cuban was at one point tapped to buy Ring of Honor. He was the one who signed it to then HDNet, now AXS TV when he had full control but realized that there is very little to no profit in the wrestling business so decided against it. If he isn’t going to buy a brand like ROH, which has a good history and is recognized as the starting place for so many like Bryan, Punk, Joe, Cesaro, Rollins, etc, he isn’t going to buy a hurt brand like TNA. He’s a businessman, not an idiot.

Ok, first off, “little to no profit in the wrestling business”, this is the first part that is completely wrong, Now I don’t know if Mark Cuban said that or just what the dumb ass replying to the question somehow came to the conclusion on his own, but nonetheless its still wrong, WWE is still making profit (somehow), they could be making a lot more if they nix the PG bullshit, but they are making profit anyway. Now one could make an argument that maybe it was just ROH at the point they are now (or a year ago), isn’t very profitable, but to say “he isn’t going to buy a hurt brand like TNA, He’s a businessman, not an idiot”. That is the comment that quite frankly pissed me off, first off, Marc Cuban’s net worth is 3.2 Billion dollars. TNA would be a better choice than ROH by a long shot, simply because TNA has a long past (good or bad, it doesn’t matter) on major networks and a bigger following.

For this user to say this company is hurt and would play a factor is very very stupid, who remembers UFC’s back in the day? They were hurting until Zuffa came along and look at it today. So saying its a hurt brand really has no effect, someone like Cuban could have put large amounts of money into TNA with contracts and advertising and could in fact make TNA compete with WWE, its a no brainer, money is everything and really the only thing TNA actually needs to compete with WWE. They already have the greatest roster, story lines are picking up as well, they hold the majority of their audience well, its just more noticeable when it fluctuates because of the loss from the Spike to Destination America move and again from Destination America to POPTV. It can increase in viewership and it will as they build on what they lost from Spike.

Now I love Billy Corgan but less face it, his net worth is $50 million, that is not a drop in the bucket compared to Mark Cuban’s net worth, I really wish TNA could get a legitimate powerhouse investor, put it in advertising and put on the great matches they have been doing and they could succeed leaps and bounds above where they are now. They don’t need to lay down and die as the trolls say, Networks don’t need to listen to those fans, because they are NOT TNA fans, you can tell who the TNA fans are, the ones that are supporting TNA, the ones who tune in every week, the ones who praise them for what they do.

TNA needs a GREAT investor who will give these wrestlers what they worked so hard for and deserve a chance to show EVERYONE (not just the viewers now) what they are capable of and the only way to do it is put money in adverting and brand awareness.

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