First off let me start by saying, there have been some kind of reports on various wrestling websites about Dixie Carter doing a few segments during these last Impact taping’s and quickly leaving afterwards, not staying for the rest of the taping’s, also saying that something was said or something.. And for you all that regular this website, I do not like “Dick” (Dave) Meltzer, there is a reason I call him “Dick”. The guy does nothing but cast TNA in a bad light. I do not post any “news” from him as most of it is bullshit. And his readers try to defend him, but chances are they probably run sites as well, since it appears that everyone either C/P his news¬† to their sites or transcripts or snippets. The majority of the time if I ever post anything remotely related to “Dick”, its more than likely going to be dissected and picked apart by me, just like I’m about to do with the “Dixie Carter gone”..

Ok, here is a quote from Dave (according to NoDQ):

“Dixie’s pretty much out of it now,” Meltzer said. “She’s out of power completely, she is completely out of power no matter what’s said, but she may be gone.”

Firstly he is trying to make the point that she is out of power and may be gone. So let me get this straight, Someone who is Chairman is out of power less than a week or two after taking that position? Makes absolutely no sense. If you are Chairman, you are the top position, you are the boss, there is nothing that can remove your power unless you step down.

Secondly “she may be gone”, I seen just this past week during Wednesday and Thursday (after the supposed walk out), Dixie on twitter plugging the show (as usual), hell even the official TNA twitter Re-tweeting her, did not look anything out of the ordinary, one would think that if there was a situation that if Dixie was mad and walked out, she wouldn’t be plugging the show and tweeting about it.

The thing about the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and “Dick” they sell a “newsletter” membership for $10.99/mo, now they have to keep those subscribers happy with BS news, so when times get slow with the “dirt”, they could make up anything to post as filler no matter if it is legitimate or not because their “sources” are never disclosed and there is no way for the reader or subscribers to validate the news, so they accept it as fact regardless. People need to take into account that the Newsletter is there to make money just the same as the magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store that has predicted the apocalypse every year for the last 40 years..¬† Its garbage!, But some readers will defend him and his newsletter regardless, maybe its to rationalize giving him their $11 a month, who knows.

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