I personally do not like the idea of TNA re-branding. You are throwing away 14 years of brand awareness for what? A few websites with wannabe journalists spreading their filth to the other companies fans because they know these idiots will take it and drive it in the ground because of their own shitty “E” product doesn’t satisfy them. I firmly believe that you can start all over and keep the TNA name, if you have new ownership and a new start, you can right the “wrongs”, hell look at what was UFC was back in the day and where it is now.
The name change of TNA IMPACT to IMPACT Wrestling did nothing, it did not hurt TNA but it certainly did not help. The reason I think it did not hurt is because they were on Spike TV at the time and their full audience was there during the change, they were aware of it.

In 2015 when they went to Destination America and subsequently lost more than half of their audience and one year later went to POP trying to build back on what was lost. If you lost that many viewers and then you go changing the name, its going to make it that much harder for lost viewers to find who you are now or where you are now, because believe it or not, not all of their fans are following on social media or browsing the “sheets” to find “news”, you have to take into consideration the fan base that is or at least was back a few years ago, millions of viewers weekly for TNA. Right now we are only catering to a small percentage of what they had, whether that has to do with channel changes and channel availability or just current interest, I certainly couldn’t imagine it being the interest as the stuff going on in TNA right now is Gold.

One question I have is, If they are going to re-brand, what does that mean for the TNA Hall Of Fame? Will it mean nothing if they are not even using the TNA brand?

As for the rumors on WWE purchasing TNA Library, I certainly hope that is not true, WWE doesn’t deserve any TNA content for any amount of money. TNA does not need to be in their hands in any capacity whether its a tape library or complete ownership, I don’t care how many former talent they signed, they don’t deserve the old TNA footage.

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