I thought I would write this up on my website and link to it on Twitter because what I have to say will obviously not fit in a 140 character tweet, and I didn’t want to split it up in images that might get resized or disorganized by the tweet! Something has to be done and done now, because if things keep going the way they are, Professional Wrestling will eventually fade away. I’m sure someone will say you are full of shit, there are highs and lows that is how the business works, the problem is WWE, the “number 1” wrestling company in the world is hitting record low numbers on TV, TNA the second largest company is having their problems as well, ROH is at a stand still unless they can get on another nationally televised channel at a reliable weekly time slot and not on the Comet crap they are on right now.

Who is to blame? I’ll tell you, the Internet Wrestling Community is responsible for the suffering of our great sport. Again someone in the IWC is thinking I’m full of shit. The problem is WWE fans won’t let TNA thrive, they get so far involved in hating on the number 2 company, if you do not like TNA don’t watch it, that is simple, but no, you have to go troll TNA accounts with the “nobody cares”, “shut down”, “just sell to WWE” & “Dixie Go Away” tweets, some going as far as including POPTV account in the tweets trying to get them to cancel TNA.

Those same WWE fans hate on ROH too, they think that WWE is the be all end all, what they do not realize is they are preventing a Boom in wrestling, you can’t have 1 company and have a boom, it doesn’t happen. You have to have 2 or more Nationally televised brands, and no I’m not talking about Raw and Smackdown, I’m talking completely different companies. You fans that try to hurt TNA are causing WWE to be lazy, your product suffers, you think WWE sucks now? Just wait.

These news sites need to understand this too, there is so much bias in wrestling news on the internet. You guys have such large followings and you attract these types of fans and because you attract them, you cater to those fans, spreading filth that hurts TNA or ROH, again preventing another boom that is really way overdue, and for what? A little extra ad revenue? You do realize you could make more with the boom you are preventing right? I for one stay away from those particular TNA bashing sites and so do others, if you embrace TNA and had a healthier environment for your TNA fan readers it wouldn’t hurt you one bit.

Here is the solution to the problem. If you do not like something don’t talk negatively about it, certainly don’t do it because “it’s cool” and gains you followers, If you like it support it, but when you try to destroy a company you are hurting the business as a whole, you can’t simply have one wrestling company and expect it to survive, So support it, and I’m not saying praise TNA if you don’t like it, I’m saying the extent that WWE fans go to to hurt TNA is unnecessary and childish. I wish some of these fans would look in a mirror and think about what you are doing and say I am better than this, I am more mature than this.

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