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June 9, 2017
Major Site Maintenance Happening Today

The site will be offline today around 5PM ET (US Time), there will be a completely new layout that I need to setup and configure, down time should only last a few hours, hopefully it will be online late tonight. I hope you visitors will enjoy the new layout and what is to come, very…

April 14, 2017 Scamming At Its Best!

I thought I would give my first hand experience with what seems to be an amazing Website with incredible deals, but don’t be fooled by the great prices, because I’ve ordered multiple items from them and have been very disappointed. First of all, most if not all their products are made in 3rd world countries…

March 16, 2017
A Comparison Between Trump And TNA/IMPACT WRESTLING

Its been a while since I wrote a TNA/IMPACT WRESTLING blog entry, actually its been exactly 5 months since I wrote one and I figured since I had some motivation recently which is the way I write, I have to feel it to write something good. I’ve had requests to write for wrestling sites, but…

February 13, 2017
Site Modifications In The Coming Days

I’m going to be doing some modifications to the website in the upcoming days, changes to the design as well as adding new categories, hopefully this will not be an inconvenience to the visitors, but the finished product will be a improvement for you all. Thanks Matt

October 16, 2016
The IWC Is Preventing The Next Boom In Professional Wrestling

I thought I would write this up on my website and link to it on Twitter because what I have to say will obviously not fit in a 140 character tweet, and I didn’t want to split it up in images that might get resized or disorganized by the tweet! Something has to be done…

October 13, 2016
Re-branding TNA Wrestling. Good or Bad?

I personally do not like the idea of TNA re-branding. You are throwing away 14 years of brand awareness for what? A few websites with wannabe journalists spreading their filth to the other companies fans because they know these idiots will take it and drive it in the ground because of their own shitty “E”…

September 9, 2016
Test Blog Entry For New Subscription Feature

This is Just a test blog article as I work out any kinks or bugs with the Subscription Delivery system. Just ignore this post altogether as it will be deleted after testing is complete. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, qui ea aeque corpora elaboraret, eu quaeque phaedrum delicatissimi eum. Te pri docendi appellantur, brute vocibus…

September 6, 2016
My Take On The “Dixie Carter Gone” Situation “Dick” Is Spreading Around

First off let me start by saying, there have been some kind of reports on various wrestling websites about Dixie Carter doing a few segments during these last Impact taping’s and quickly leaving afterwards, not staying for the rest of the taping’s, also saying that something was said or something.. And for you all that…

July 16, 2016
Hypothetical Billionaire Purchasing TNA Wrestling

Now before you chew my head off at the title of this blog entry, nobody is purchasing TNA, but more my reaction to something I read on another website which had ultimately closed the thread to further replies, but sometimes things need to be said and that is what I’m here to do right now….

May 16, 2016
Here We Go Again, Lame Ole Dirt Sheets On TNA Pay

I’m sure a lot of loyal or die hard TNA fans are tired of seeing the same old tired “headlines” on the dirt sheets. It seems that any time “news” gets slow, they rehash old potentially wrong headlines from the past, I believe they do it as filler until something legitimate comes along to post…

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