Thursdays IMPACT WRESTLING only drew 286,000 viewers, down from the previous weeks 322,000.

My Thoughts: I think people were intrigued by the possibility that Alberto El Patron was possibly going to go heel and join LAX a couple weeks ago, but when Alberto came to an “agreement” and subsequently turned on them seconds later, I think it killed interest, then last week the viewership dipped and this week the Gauntlet against LAX further killed any momentum. They should have had Alberto join and be heel alongside LAX because its been so long since we’ve had a strong heel group that included a World Championship in it, literally took me back to the nWo (Original, not WWE’s horrible version), but killed it for me when Alberto suddenly turned his back at the opportunity.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think? Should Alberto have accepted LAX’s offer? Do you think it killed the shows momentum when he declined?

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