Last week I decided to order an unofficial EverDrive 64 clone, the ED64 Plus, which is essentially a N64 emulator that runs N64 game rom’s on the original hardware (The physical N64 console), the device plugs right into the cartridge slot and allows you to put as many N64 roms that will fit on an SD card.. YES!!!! you heard me right, it uses a SD card for storage.

I chose to buy the ED64 Plus because it was considerably cheaper (Around $80 on eBay) while most places online had the EverDrive 64 listings around $199, there was no way I was going to pay that much for a cartridge to play roms on the console. Others were saying, the difference in price was because the EverDrive 64 in built much better than the ED64 and that the ED64 was cheaply made, brittle and had a shoddy soldering job, while I never opened mine up to see how the soldering job was, I can tell you that the shell is not cheaply made, it feels like a regular N64 cartridge.

The ED64 has a dashboard/OS, it is a cloned version of the dashboard that EverDrive 64 has, it lists all your roms that are on the SD card, and gives you a few options like setting certain games as favorites so you can find them faster, there are a few other options, but nothing sophisticated, fairly easy to use.

I originally thought I was experiencing a problem with the ED64 Plus because I was having problems saving games. This saving feature is kind of weird, you have to press the RESET button on the console after your done playing a game, it takes you back to the ED64 Plus Dashboard and simultaneously saves your game. The problem I was having was that my reset button was not taking me back to the dash, in fact it was doing nothing at all, later I found out that it wasn’t the ED64 causing this, I had a faulty console RESET switch and I had to press it at a weird angle to get it to reset, after I realized this, I had no problems saving the games.

All in all I think it was a great investment thus far. I believe I’m just as happy with what I bought for $80 as I would have been with the EverDrive 64, probably more happy since I saved $110, by buying the ED64 Plus. I hope this makes it easier for some others who are debating on getting ED64 as opposed to the ridiculously expensive EverDrive. I know the ED64 doesn’t typically get positive reviews, but then again when do clones ever get them.

If you have any specific questions about this device, post in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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