I came across this problem a while back and got to thinking about it and decided to try and fix it and sure enough it did.

Scenario: You were playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and it keeps starting from the beginning of the game, over and over each time you go to play the game, it also will not let you save your progress or load a game save.

Now this is only for JTAG or RGH users, since most of us can not log on Xbox Live with our modded consoles without the potential for being banned from Xbox Live. The problem for me was I actually downloaded GTAV’s latest Title Update, and apparently they added something that requires you to log into Xbox Live in order to save your game to the HD.. Stupid in my opinion, but they are trying to screw it up for us just because we have modded consoles.. (Even though I paid for my physical copy of GTA5 from GameStop).

The title updates can be downloaded using XboxUnity (if your running FSD or Aurora) thanks to the fine folks at RealModScene.. Which I recommend you join their forums.. Just downgrade your title update to a previous version than what your running and it will restore your ability to save and load your saves..

You don’t know how relieved I was to figure this out so I could save/load again, I thought I was stuck not being able to play it normally again. I know other people have had this problem and are asking for help so rather than register at all the places I’ve seen on google with threads about it, I would post it here and let google do the rest, they will come across this post eventually.



I found out what the problem was, Go to NXE dashboard and “Settings” > “Storage”, scroll down the storage devices until you see “Cloud Saved Games” click it and set it to “Disabled”, then go back to FSD or Aurora or whatever your using and then you can set the TU to the latest and play with loading and saving.

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