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dave meltzer

September 6, 2016
My Take On The “Dixie Carter Gone” Situation “Dick” Is Spreading Around

First off let me start by saying, there have been some kind of reports on various wrestling websites about Dixie Carter doing a few segments during these last Impact taping’s and quickly leaving afterwards, not staying for the rest of the taping’s, also saying that something was said or something.. And for you all that…

April 14, 2016
Regarding TNA Moving HQ To ShopTNA Warehouse

There are news sites reporting that Dave Meltzer mentioned that TNA is moving their headquarters to the 25,000 sq ft. ShopTNA facility, he apparently reported that TNA was evicted, but TNA had been planning the move for months and that they let the lease expire, that is not being evicted as Meltzer wants people to…