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  1. #IMPACTonPOP Viewership For Last Night (8-10-17)
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  3. Last Nights #IMPACTonPOP Viewership Numbers (8-3-17)
  4. Live Match Results From #IMPACTonPOP (8-3-17)
  5. Official Preview For Tonights #IMPACTonPOP (8-3-17)


August 11, 2017
#IMPACTonPOP Viewership For Last Night (8-10-17)

Last nights episode of IMPACT WRESTLING on POPTV pulled in 277,000 viewers, only up a thousand viewers from the previous weeks show.

August 10, 2017
Live Match Results From #IMPACTonPOP (8-10-17)

Laredo Kid & Garza Jr Vs.  Fantasma & Marufuji – Marufuji got the pin and the win for his team after he hit “Sliced Bread #2” on Garza Jr. Handicap Match – Kongo Kong Vs. Grado & Joseph Park – Awesome Kong won the match. Street Fight – GFW World Tag Team Championship – LAX (C)…

August 4, 2017
Last Nights #IMPACTonPOP Viewership Numbers (8-3-17)

Last nights episode (8-3-17) drew 276,000 viewers, down from last weeks 286,000. They did compete against NFL on NBC that drew over 8 million viewers.

August 3, 2017
Live Match Results From #IMPACTonPOP (8-3-17)

Super X-Cup Tournament Semi Finals – Desmond Xavier Vs. Drago – Xavier defeated Drago to move to the Finals of the tournament. Mumbai Cat #1 Vs. Trevor Lee – Mumbai Cat won the match but was unveiled that it was Sonjay Dutt in disguise. IMPACT Grand Championship – Moose (C) vs. EC3 – EC3 won…

July 27, 2017
LIVE Match Results From #IMPACTonPOP (7-27-17)

6-Man Tag Team Match – Eli Drake, EC3 & Adonis Vs. Eddie Edwards, Moose & Marufuji – EC3 got the pin on Moose and got the win for his team. Super X-Cup Tournament – Davey Richards Vs. Taiji Ishimori – Ishimori defeated Davey with a 454 splash off the top rope. Last Knockout Standing Match…

July 27, 2017
Preview For Tonight’s #IMPACTonPOP (7-27-17)

Last Knockout Standing Match – GFW Knockouts Championship – Sienna (C) Vs. Rosemary Who will be the #LastKnockoutStanding? @WeAreRosemary or @Sienna? MORE HERE: — IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) July 25, 2017 6-Man Tag Team Match – Eli Drake, EC3 & Adonis Vs. Eddie Edwards, Moose & Marufuji #6ManTagMatch happening TONIGHT on #IMPACTonPop! MORE HERE:…

July 21, 2017
#IMPACTonPOP Viewership (7-20-17)

Last nights IMPACT WRESTLING (7-20-17) brought in 322,000 viewers, down from the 2017 record of 374,000 the previous week.

July 14, 2017
IMPACT WRESTLING Viewership Breaks 2017 Record 2 Weeks In A Row (7-13-17)

For the second week in a row IMPACT WRESTLING broke their 2017 record high rating. They pulled in 374,000 viewers this past Thursday night, this is up from the previous weeks 2017 record of 345,000. A 29,000 viewer gain for this week.

July 13, 2017
LIVE IMPACT WRESTLING Match Results (7-13-17)

Super X-Cup Tournament – ACH Vs. Andrew Everett – ACH defeated Andrew Everett. Demus Vs. Octagoncito – Octagoncito defeated Demus. IMPACT WRESTLING Grand Championship – Moose (C) Vs. Marufuji – EC3 interfered resulting in a disqualification, Moose retains Grand Championship. Trevor Lee Vs. William Weeks – Trevor Lee beat Weeks. Laurel Van Ness Vs. Ava Storie…

July 7, 2017
IMPACT WRESTLING Hits Highest Rating In 2017 (7-6-17)

Last nights IMPACT WRESTLING hit 345,000 Viewers, this is the highest number in 2017, breaking 344,000 set back on March 16th. Also a great rebound from the Slammiversary go home show that drew only 268k.